Garden Gallery, Science Museum

Our refurbishment of the existing Science Museum Garden Gallery, for 3-6 year olds intended to appeal to adults and children to fulfil the client’s aspiration to increase visitors’ sense of wonder. This was achieved by a play on the Gallery’s name and mainly water focused interactive exhibits with the gallery conceptually turning into a giant garden pond.

Large green lily pad shaped acoustic panels hang from the ceiling to improve poor acoustics, blue non-slip flooring and floor drainage channels address problems of falling and flooding and the existing concrete structure is painted in alternating panels of light green and blue to visually extend the main spaces and draw the visitors eye through the gallery encouraging exploration of the spaces and exhibits. The light, calm colour scheme helps to manage over excitement levels in the children whilst a predominantly dark blue in the light and sounds gallery enhance the light exhibits.


  • FX Magazine, September 2014


  • Architects Journal Small Projects 2015: Shortlisted