Hill House

Hill House is a new build house located in a village in the Cotswolds and designed towards Passivhaus standards.

The Hill House is conceived as two houses, a lower and upper each with distinctive characters and each borrowing materials from their context in different ways. Both houses use traditional materials detailed in a contemporary fashion and recessing the house into the slope allowed us to make the most use of the tight plot. A cantilevered staircase links the upper house to the lower open plan, terraced house which is highly glazed to overlook the millstream and woodland to the South. The sharply rectangular lower house is clothed in render and Cotswold stone dry stone wall cladding whilst the upper house plays on traditional domestic forms and is clad in timber which will be allowed to grey over time, slowly disappearing into the tree line that edges the site.

Constructed from a prefabricated timber frame, high insulation levels, excellent air tightness, triple glazing, solar panels and whole house ventilation with heat recovery ensure that the house is sustainable with inherently low running costs.


  • Building the Dream , Series 5, MoreĀ 4, May 2016