For us, being architects and interior designers is about making beautiful, well-crafted spaces that you’ll want to inhabit and enjoy. We enjoy thinking through the possibilities – the light, the materials, the texture, the context – and making these into your home. We form generous spaces out of ideas, light out of darkness, and friends out of clients. But we know, even before we meet you, that your project will be unlike any other. Our process is one of listening, understanding, and responding, and our conversation with you will shape the home we create together.

Our designs have won awards and been featured in magazines, newspapers and on TV. We have experience of creating new houses from scratch, of adding new spaces to old houses, and of making old buildings fresh and beautiful again. We work across the UK, in towns and in the countryside, and our approach means that every building respects its context, belongs to its surroundings, and is sustainable to its core.

There’s a delightful moment in every project when all the carefully considered details, all the decisions both small and large, finally come together. Complex structures give way to simplicity, sophisticated solutions give way to subtlety, and spaces flow seamlessly into one another. That’s the moment we’ll be working towards from the start, and it’s at that moment that you’ll know your home is everything you wanted it to be – and more.

Portrait of Joanna Coleman, Mustard Architects

Joanna Coleman


BA (Hons) DipArch ARB RIBA

Portrait of John Norman, Mustard Architects

John Norman


BA (Hons) DipArch March ARB RIBA

We have two co-directors, Joanna Coleman and John Norman, who met whilst studying and together they’ve made Mustard into the kind of practice that prioritises good communication – whether with clients or other professionals – and keeps it at the heart of the design process. Joanna has always had a particular interest in materials, which means that these form part of our discussions about a project from the very start, and John is particularly adept at grappling with technical information and working out how things fit together. But they’re both problem-solvers, interested in getting every detail right, and good at seeing the bigger picture.

Richard Fennell

Architectural Assistant

BA (Hons) MArch

Richard studied at the University of Sheffield and joined Mustard after working in Hong Kong. Richard is a keen swimmer and goes for a dip most mornings before work.

Charlotte Smith

Architectural Assistant

BSc MArch

Charlotte studied at the Welsh School of Architecture and is currently perfecting a side line in rather lovely ceramic butter dishes.

Suji Ahn

Architectural Assistant

BSc MA DipArch

Suji studied in South Korea and London Metropolitan University before joining Mustard. In another life, Suji would rather be a Jazz pianist and has high hopes for her family band.

Portrait of Olivia Whitworth, Mustard Architects

Olivia Whitworth

Architectural Assistant

BA (Hons) MA

Olivia studied at the University of Sheffield before working in practice and completing an MA in Illustration in her spare time. Olivia's doodles are something to behold.

Rhubarb & Rader, Mustard Architect studio dogs

Radar & Rhubarb

Office Dogs


Radar ensures that any spare biscuits within the office are properly disposed of whilst Rhubarb takes an active role in tennis ball management.